How To Send a "Why Didn't You Buy?" Survey (with Templates!)

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In this episode, I’m sharing what a “Why Didn’t You Buy?” Survey is, why you should use them, how to put your own together - along with the email and survey templates to make it easy for you to implement today!
Whether you just had a live launch or have an evergreen funnel for your course, program or digital product, you should be asking non-buyers why they chose not to join you so you can gather helpful feedback. You can do the Why Didn’t You Buy survey as a post-launch survey, or add it to your evergreen funnel sequence after the sales window. 
Use the examples and templates provided below and send your own today!
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Your feedback helps guide what we create for you - including free workshops, how-to guides, podcasts, our paid programs and more.  Thank you in advance!
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Why you should send a “Why Didn’t You Buy?” survey either after your live launch or after your sales sequence in your evergreen funnel 
  • How to take the helpful feedback and update your sales process and assets
  • Why it’s key to use discernment when reviewing responses and my personal experience with “hard to hear” feedback
  • The survey questions I ask and why (and the 1 question I added this time that I don’t normally ask)
  • The simple template I use to email the survey to our audience
  • Your next steps to implementing a WDYB survey into your post-launch process and funnels!

Key Elements of the “Why Didn’t You Buy” Survey: 

  • Send it 2-3 days after cart close so it’s FRESH on people’s minds 
  • Keep the email short, snappy and to the point! 
  • Make the survey as easy as possible to complete while getting the data you need 
  • Analyze and process to decide if action should be taken!

The Email 

  • Keep it short
  • Let them know how long it’ll take them 
  • Why they should fill it out

Here’s a few examples:

Here’s another example:


The Survey 

  • You can use whatever survey or form tool works best for you - paperform, SurveyMonkey, airtable, google forms, whatever you want! 
  • Make it easy to fill out 
  • Think through what questions are truly important - what do you need to know in order to make improvements to your product or your messaging? 
  • Your first question can be a simple multiple choice (like you see in the example below) 

Here’s one example:

You can add more questions if you want to gather more information, like we’ve done below: 

Here’s another example survey:

[OPTIONAL] Ask if there’s anything they would like to purchase from you, for ideas for downsells. This is optional and may not make sense in the context of your offer. 

The Analysis 

  • Once you’ve had about 5-7 days to gather replies, it’s time to review
  • Dig in! Try to find patterns, look for any themes that pop up throughout 
  • What are those learnings? How can you apply them? 
  • Example: if you receive lots of feedback that people don’t think they’ll have enough time in the program, make sure you address that in your marketing materials – can you have a calendar or visual aid? Share a client success story that includes a timeframe? 
    • Example: if you notice a theme that people were unsure how your product would apply to them, then show (or update!) some use cases in your marketing materials
  • Use discernment! Whenever you send out a survey there may also be information that comes back that you don't need to do anything with! Be mindful of what's helpful and leave the rest.

It’s time for you to take action! Here are your next steps:

  • Send a Why Didn’t You Buy survey to your audience about a recent offer you’ve made
  • Add a Why Didn’t You Buy email and survey to the end of your evergreen funnel, about 2-3 days AFTER the sales funnel part ends
  • Implement your findings and let us know how it goes!

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