Real Talk: What's Bumming Me Out Online Right Now

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In this episode, I am talking about “the online industry” … dun dun dun!
From the perspective of someone who’s been around for a loooong time, things have gotten a little weird and wild online for those of us in the course, creator, coach, and business “space”. 
Today I’m sharing openly and starting a discussion about some of the things that are just bumming me out online right now. From the constant pressure to outdo yourself every month, the cultural shift from long-form value content to teeny short form content, and the egregious copycats and shameless regurgitation of other people’s IP. 
I love the online space, it’s full of so much opportunity and connection and magic! But some of this stuff really frustrates me and I wanted to share in case you can relate too.
Of course, I share tangible action steps for protecting your personal peace and creating more of what you DO want to see in the world with your work. 
In this episode, we discuss:
  • What I love about the online space even though there’s a lot of frustrating things right now
  • How I feel about the one-upping and every new thing having to be the “biggest thing ever” (it’s exhausting)
  • What makes me sad about the cultural shift to only wanting short-form 60-second clips 
  • How I’ve dealt with fears around becoming irrelevant or forgotten because I don’t have it in me to become an instagram superstar lifestyle influencer 
  • The #1 most frustrating thing that I refuse to remain calm and cool about: copycats, IP infringement, and the rampant plagiarism in this space is truly the WORST
  • Copycat Coach Culture: how weird it is to me that people all look and sound the same as their coach and each other
  • How we communicate with our clients about how to use the templates we include in our programs so that this doesn’t happen (we want our clients to sound and look like THEM, not like ME!)
  • The social circle “cool club” online and why I don’t play that game even though it’s cost me (with examples)
  • Action steps I’ve taken to stay centered and grounded in what I am doing without getting caught up in all the annoying stuff 

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