Launch Recap: Reflections From My Recent Launch

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In this episode, I am sharing reflections and lessons learned from our recent Profit Architecture course launch! If you love the behind the scenes details, you’ll love this episode.
This launch was full of lessons and a-ha moments: it surprised me in the best way possible! I went into this launch as my most imperfect self. I had a very simplified approach and it ended up being all for the best. This ended up being one of our best course launches, not only in terms of results, but more so because of how we approached this launch and kept it simple and spacious.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The context leading up to the weeks before the launch
  • The best things we did leading up to and during this recent launch, and what I’d do differently next time
  • The recurring theme of simplicity and “enoughness” through this launch with lots of examples
  • How this launch was different than the strategies we’ve mostly been focused on the last few years
  • Examples of how I adapted our classic launch strategy for my energy and capacity right now
  • My content strategy for the pre-launch period
  • Why I did some things for the launch last minute, on purpose
  • Thoughts on your launch being congruent with your offer messaging
  • How we created a spacious pre-launch and cart open experience even with a tiny team
  • My daily “routine” during the launch 

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