3 Big Shifts I'm Seeing With High Ticket Offer Design & Delivery

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In this episode, I am talking about the 3 big shifts I’m seeing with high ticket program delivery and design. A lot has changed in the last 3 years (duh), especially with high ticket offers. If your offer needs a refresh or you're thinking of totally re-doing your offer, I've got some ideas for you to consider!
From asynchronous support options to shorter-term, high touch offers, we’re talking about it all!
I’m also announcing a workshop we are doing soon for our clients about Designing and Refining your High Ticket Offer with these shifts in mind. 
The key is to design your high ticket offer to be aligned with your vision for your program, and customize it to you. There isn’t just one blueprint or checklist you need to follow - you can get creative.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • What I’m seeing as the 3 biggest shifts in how we design & deliver our high touch offers in 2023 and beyond
  • The inevitable shift to asynchronous support structures in group programs and why my clients and I are obsessed
  • Why you might want to consider adding a “short term, high ticket” option to your offer or think about an accelerated type of experience
  • The “menu” of different support elements you can pick and choose from, and why I’m sick of people just designing their programs based on what others do or what you think will sell better (you gotta do what’s going to work for you!)
  • So much more!

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