The Vision and Strategy Behind My Free “Creator Party” Community

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In this episode, I am taking you behind the scenes of my new, free community “Creator Party”. I’m sharing my strategy for growing the community, why I am investing in growing a *free* community in my business, who the community is for and what I want it to be about and become, why I chose to make it public instead of private, and more!

The Creator Party community is the #1 club for creators monetizing their businesses with content, community and creative digital products like courses, paid subscriptions, and more. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why I have decided to host a free community for everyone to join, even thought that wasn’t in my original “plan” until recently
  • My goals and vision for the community and why I think it will take some time to get there
  • Why I landed on the name “Creator Party” and what it means to me
  • All the fun things you can find inside the community - free courses, resources, updates, support, deeper discussions on each podcast episode and so much more!
  • How the structure of Skool makes the group really fun with points, levels, a leaderboard with rewards and more!
  • Why I decided to make the community “public” instead of “private” and the major differences
  • What strategies I’ll be testing for growing the community over time
  • Questions to ask yourself if you’re considering hosting a free community to create a space where you audience can have more conversations, and go beyond the “one way street” communication of social media platforms

Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

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