The Difference Between Creators and Service Providers (I'm Niching Down!)

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In this episode, I am sharing what I’ve observed as some key differences between people who identify as Content Creators and people who identify as Service Providers as their primary identity. Of course there’s tons of overlap, but I’ve noticed that whether you start out as a content creator or service provider *first*, has an impact on your journey towards building a more leveraged digital product or course business (and the challenges you’ll encounter on the way).

In that context, I’m sharing how and why I’m niching down to speaking to people who want to embrace their content creator side as a big part of their business - regardless of which path you started on. 

The Creator Party community is the #1 club for creators monetizing their businesses with content, community and creative digital products like courses, paid subscriptions, and more. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The 2 different types of people who tend to move towards digital product businesses: Content Creators and Service Providers
  • How your starting point can impact your journey to building a more leveraged business
  • The unique challenges you may encounter as either a Content Creator identity or a Service Provider identity 
  • The advantages you have as either a Content Creator or Service Provider as you pursue digital products and a more leveraged education business
  • How you can embrace the Content Creator approach, even if you started as a Service Provider (and leverage those special skills you have!)
  • Why audience growth, lead generation and list-building are crucial to building a more leveraged digital product type business
  • How I personally approach content creation as a more chill, seasonal, low-key endeavor and why consistency isn’t even that important
  • Why I’m focusing on people who are excited to embrace the Creator mindset and content as a key part of their business, no matter which path they started on!

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