The Big Reveal: I'm Moving to Skool and Building New Things

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In this episode, I am making multiple big announcements!

We are opening the doors to our brand new, FREE community called CREATOR PARTY today! 

The Creator Party community is the #1 club for creators monetizing their businesses with content, community and creative digital products like courses, paid subscriptions, and more. 

The free Creator Party community is hosted on a platform called Skool - which brings us to our next announcement!

We are moving our communities, courses, and everything to Skool!

I am thrilled to share that we are partnering with Skool and building so many cool things on their platform. The free community, Creator Party, launches today. Soon, we will have other collaborations like workshops, and a new product together. 

This episode shares the whole story of how we landed on Skool after years of searching for the right fit, and how new creative ideas are exploding out of my brain since starting to build out our own Skool platform.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why I chose Skool after testing tons of other community + course platforms over the last few years
  • How I experienced Skool as a user and student in someone else’s program first, and got totally hooked on the community gamification system
  • Levels, points, leaderboards and unlocking premium content - how Skool incentivizes your community to support each other in a way that actually works
  • What caught my attention about Skool and how their team ships updates that actually support their users (that I asked for!)
  • How we can go from a “one way” broadcast channel with the podcast to real dialogue and conversations and go deeper on each episode together
  • How the design of Skool has sparked a lot of creative new ideas about audience growth, sales, marketing, and new strategies for everything!
  • Some of the features that made Skool stand out from other community + course platforms
  • What’s coming soon - new resources, new products and fun stuff!

Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

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