Sprint With Us! Launch Before Black Friday and Let Mariah Promote You

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🤩 Want to launch something before Black Friday/Cyber Monday (the biggest sales weekend of the year?)

😍 Want to get out of your own way and take imperfect action with us?

😄 Want Mariah to promote your new free group or paid offer link to our audience, meaning more visibility for your biz before the end of the year?

A couple weeks ago, I had an idea (love it when that happens)

What if instead of motivating people to take action with run of the mill bonuses or “rah rah” cheerleading, we did something REALLY valuable for our Monetize members that would actually boost their business?

What if we really inspired people to take imperfect action NOW, together, and be rewarded for that?

The idea for our upcoming Skool Sprint was born (and ALL Monetize members are welcome to participate!)

💭 I thought, “what if we all worked together on launching either a free group, paid subscription or paid digital product before Black Friday - and then *I* can actually promote and share all those awesome groups and offers with *my* audience??”

So that’s what we’re doing!

So, do you want me to promote your free group or paid offer to my audience?

Here’s how it’s going to work:

✅ You join Monetize, where you will create + prepare to launch either a free group or paid offer (subscription or one-time purchase digital product) in about 3 weeks, using our step-by-step tools, templates, checklists, and trainings that make it as simple as humanly possible

✅ You will submit a link to your offer/group to be included in a blog post that will be promoted to our audience (there’s a deadline to submit your link by). We welcome both B2C and B2B products!

✅ I will promote that post to my email list, on social media, and in the Creator Party community (tens of thousands of people combined, to an audience with a huge variety of interests!)

All of this is happening before Black Friday, so you’ll have something super high value to offer for the biggest business weekend of the year!

The 3-week sprint *officially* kicks off October 23rd in the Monetize community.

However, the sooner you join, the more time you will have to get your free or paid offer put together and prepped - so I recommend you start right now.

Important details:

  • You need to be an active member of Monetize to be eligible for the Sprint
  • Your offer does need to be hosted on Skool to be eligible to be promoted by us (free group, paid subscription, or one-time purchase product hosted on Skool) - a free Skool software account is included in your Monetize membership
  • We will not promote any offer or groups that do not align with our company values or follow our Inclusive Language Guidelines, this is at our sole discretion.
  • You need to submit your link before this Sprint deadline, late submissions cannot be accepted or published as we need time to prepare the posts on our end

Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

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