Celebrate The 2023 Sprint With Us!

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About a month ago I challenged the members in our Monetize community to do something wild:

I said, “Let’s create and launch a new community or product from scratch in just 3 WEEKS!”

We called it the “Skool Sprint”. And we got to work!

We gave our members all the tutorials, templates, and tools in Monetize to make it as easy as possible for them. 

They did all the hard work, used the tools available to them, inspired and supported each other, and made magic happen in just a few short weeks!

Please join us in celebrating our members who went from zero to launch in just 3 weeks, featured here in this post so you can be inspired and check out the products and communities they created during the Sprint. 

As you browse through their creations, you’ll see that some are free communities you can join, some are paid offers like courses or memberships. I encourage you to click around and see what you find that speaks to you.

All of our members' products, communities, or courses you see here are hosted on Skool - the community platform for creators.

Skool is our sponsor and partner and has made the Skool Sprint possible - huge thank you to the Skool team and the platform they’ve built! 

🔴 IMPORTANT: We do not endorse any of these products or businesses, we have not taken the courses or used the products in this list. Please do your research and understand we are not endorsing any individual, business, or product listed. These are not affiliate links. We are featuring our members as a thank you to them for taking action and getting their groups launched during our Sprint!

Here’s what some of our members said about the Sprint:

“I really liked having the deadline in place and the incentive of sharing to help us feel motivated. “

“I loved this sprint! I was able to come up with an idea and launch my free community quickly. I am a huuuuge fan of sprints.”

“Loved the motivation to get things going!” 

“I loved this Sprint to get me going towards my goals - sometimes launching is the most difficult step, no matter how good the product or successful the business, beginning something new is always scary. Thank you!”

“I loved how you broke down the steps to make it easier for me to take action, as I work full-time. The sprint really helped me pace myself. I also loved the additional templates you shared, made everything so much quicker to implement!”

“Mariah's teachings are always on point. Thank you for the guidance to keep it simple!! Sprint is fun and easy to use!”

Enjoy these creative products, courses and FREE communities offered by our members!

Be inspired by what they’ve created. 

And we hope to see YOU in the next Skool Sprint! 

Thank you to our sponsor and partner, Skool!

If you’d like to launch your own community, digital product, or subscription with our tools and templates, Check out our courses and resources at the bottom of this post!

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