Year of Simplicity: 2023 Recap & Reflections

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In this episode, I’m sharing my reflections on 2023 - a year of simplification, enoughness and asynchronous everything! In 2023 I created so much spaciousness in my schedule, cleared my calendar, discovered a lot of joy and contentment outside of business things, and overall had a TON of fun while not worrying about all the traditional benchmarks of “success”. 
In this episode:
  • How creating space allowed me to say “yes” to unexpected opportunities through 2023
  • The contrast between what seemed like a quiet exterior and having more fun offline
  • The joy of having lots of free time and not feeling pressure to share it all for public consumption
  • The logistics of how I created a clear calendar (changes I made to my mastermind, programs and more)
  • Lessons learned from the recurring themes of Simplicity, Enoughness, and Asynchronous
  • Personal updates on travel, my cooking obsession and other hobbies
  • Where I see my business fitting into the bigger picture of my life
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