How I Took A Month Off From Biz

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In this episode, I am sharing all about my (somewhat) unexpected 6-weeks off from business. I am answering your questions about why I took some time off, how I prepped, and my biggest lessons learned from having some time and space away from the day to day!

Whether you end up taking time off by choice (yay, vacation!) or by circumstances (life is really life-ing right now), this episode will help you understand the mindset, practical prep strategies and benefits of taking some time away. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why I ended up taking 6 weeks off (some of it planned, some of it unexpectedly)
  • How I navigated being out of office with my team and clients
  • The core things we prepped for when I only had a few days to plan for my unexpected absence
  • The surprising mindset gremlins that came up for me while on vacation
  • How your business model impacts the way you prep and plan for time off
  • The decisions and shifts I made months ago that made this easier to execute now
  • My big takeaways and a-ha moments I’ll be carrying with me through the rest of the year

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