High Ticket vs. Low Ticket vs. Courses (What's Working Now)

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"Do courses ‘still work’?"

"Do high ticket programs ‘still work’?"

"Does launching/webinars/funnels/challenges/podcasting/youtube/IG/FILL IN THE BLANK ‘still work’?"

I’ve been asked these questions a lot in the last few weeks, along with the classic:

“Are courses better than high ticket? Is high ticket better than low ticket? Are low ticket digital products better than courses?”

Or the more general “what the actual heck is working online in 2023 and beyond?”

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions - that’s normal!

AND - You may be asking the wrong question 😄

In this episode, Mariah breaks down how to answer these types of questions for yourself based on your unique situation, opportunity, and business. Whether it’s about what types of offers are “working now” or what strategies are creating results in this market, Mariah gives you tangible advice for how to ask yourself the right questions for figuring out what your next move should be.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why trying to figure out the “one perfect offer type” that applies to everyone and anyone in all situations without nuance and context is futile
  • All the different types of offers we’ve sold at different price points through the years and examples of how that can shift from season-to-season in your business
  • What I actually think the “ideal” business model and product suite mix is in order to have resiliency and true sustainability in your business (coming from someone who’s been doing it for 8+ years and has had to ride the waves of change in this space)
  • How to reverse engineer what product type would actually work for YOUR unique offer and outcome (whether that be low ticket digital products, premium courses or more high touch offers).
  • The only thing that *really* matters about your offers and products, and why you don’t need to shoehorn your idea into a package that it doesn’t fit into.

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