Struggling with Work-Life Balance? A Tell-All Q&A

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What’s the best thing about running a high ticket program on evergreen without having to do sales calls?

Maybe you’re in it to change the lives of your clients, but you’re struggling with work life balance. Or, it could be that you’ve got some big revenue goals to hit and since you’ve done your high ticket funnel math homework, you know there’s serious opportunity with this model.

There are a ton of compelling reasons to go the high ticket route, but there’s one big, life-changing benefit we’re zooming in on today.

We’re talking about time freedom, and specifically how running a high ticket group coaching program has created more of it for many of our clients.

In this video, we ask three High Ticket Hybrid clients from different coaching niches this burning question:

How does your program fit into your life, and not the other way around?

Because let’s just call it like it is: you are NOT going to build your high ticket program just to have it consume your life, take away from your family time or prevent you from traveling the world.

It’s natural to worry that charging premium prices will mean you’re tearing your hair out as you work around the clock, but the reality for our clients couldn’t be further from the truth.

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“I have a life now because of my high ticket program.”

In this video, our client Arielle Hale shares a recent realization: she didn’t want her son, who was nearly six at the time, to remember her as always working.

“I thought to myself, wow. My kid is going to just have memories of his mom behind a computer, behind a phone, trying to rush him off or distract him so that she can work and provide.”

Ari shares that in her seventh year of business, it’s the first time she has so much free time.

“I don't know what to do with myself! I took off the last two weeks of this month, and I'm now taking off July.”

It’s mind boggling to imagine that someone like Ari, who had 180 active clients in her high ticket program at the time of this conversation, could have more free time than she knows what to do with — but that’s exactly what a scalable high ticket program is designed to do.

Even at the beginning of your high ticket journey, creating your program and launching it doesn’t require hours and hours creating something that hasn’t yet validated.

In Ari’s example, she pre-sold her program to clients before ever building out a curriculum. When you launch your high ticket coaching program for the first time you’ll deliver it live to your new clients, which means you’re creating and coaching at the exact same time.

“And so even when I was delivering the content live it wasn't all-consuming like before, when I was doing one on one work and hopping on 30 to 40 hours of calls a week,” Ari says.

She managed to trade those 30-40 hours of calls a week for THIS dreamy schedule:

  • one 90-minute call on Tuesdays, when she delivered a training that ultimately became the curriculum.

  • one 90-minute coaching call on Thursdays to answer client questions

  • 2-3 hours of prep for her training sessions

“And now that everything’s delivered, the entire program is there and ready to go,” Ari shares.

“I really get to stick to my ideal schedule where I work Tuesday through Thursday 11 or 12 to 2 or 3. And that’s all I really need to do at this point.”

Ari’s situation, while amazing and inspiring, isn’t an outlier.

Here at Fearless CEO, we’ve implemented a four day work week for our entire company. Implementing a high ticket coaching program without sales calls has made this possible, whereas in the past we absolutely would have needed five full days to get it all done.

“High ticket group coaching does NOT mean you’re coaching Monday-Friday, 9-5.”

Another client featured in today’s video, Tatiana O’Hara, agrees with Ari’s experience when she says, “I've never had this much free time. Sometimes it's kind of like, wait, I should be doing something right now. Like, let me find something to do!”

A solid curriculum does the heavy lifting

Tatiana shares that inside of her high ticket program, she’s designed effective trainings that allow her clients to guide themselves through most of the journey.

When you’ve got a rock solid foundation of killer curriculum, you can finally stop saying the same thing over and over again on dense coaching calls. Instead, coaching calls are available to support and cement your clients’ progress.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into the curriculum that we've built,” Tatiana tells us. “My time commitment typically looks like a coaching call on Wednesday, which typically runs no longer than an hour and a half. And then we have a monthly co-working call. My homework maybe takes two hours at the beginning of the week. So it's pretty light.”

A bunch of extra free time on your calendar doesn’t necessarily mean you’re drinking margaritas on a sandy beach (though if you want to, go for it — you’re the boss!) For Tatiana, a spacious calendar translates to expansion: increased bandwidth and new ideas to help her clients even more.

“I'm able to really show up and support and think of new ways that I want to improve the program, or new things that I wanna offer. We're having our first retreat this weekend. These are things that I probably would have never had time to do had the program not been structured this way.”

Our clients deserve the best version of us.

Our clients don’t deserve burnt out, exhausted and resentful leaders.

They don’t deserve the version of us that’s been on back to back sales calls trying to get new people to say “yes”, or the version of us that was able to squeeze in one hour for coaching when we’d rather be taking a nap.

And frankly, we as leaders, creators and coaches deserve better too!

The secret sauce is the hybrid coaching system

When you learn to combine powerful, pre-recorded resources with group coaching calls, your entire client delivery system becomes a breeze.

Scenario A: Your clients show up with a ton of questions. You of course want to over-deliver, so you dive into a deep back-and-forth with every single person on the call. You find yourself repeating the things you know you’ve said a hundred times. The call feels heavy, clunky and repetitive.

Scenario B: Your clients come to ONE coaching call each week and they’ve already pre-submitted their questions for your review. They’ve immersed themselves in your blow-your-hair-back-good curriculum, so they’ve gotten much of what they need from the material. They ask questions that solidify their understanding, and you’re able to have a five minute conversation with each client. You finish each exchange by pointing them to a valuable resource inside the curriculum so they can go even deeper on their own time.

Let’s say it all together now: you need a kick-ass curriculum in your high ticket program so you can get your life back!

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