How to take long breaks during the delivery of your program

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In this episode, I’m sharing an actual episode from my Q&A Private Podcast, which is usually exclusively for my clients!
At the time of publishing this, my Q&A Private Podcast has over 70 episodes on it (!!) and I add more all the time. My clients can submit questions and topics, I curate which ones I answer for the private podcast, and I publish them as individual mini-episodes (1 answer/topic per episode) so it’s super searchable, digestible and easy to listen to! People absolutely love it, and I know you will too.
If you’d like to access the Q&A private podcast, check out our courses and resources at the bottom of this post!
This episode is one of many of our Q&A private podcast episodes - and today’s is all about how you can take longer, planned breaks (like 2-6 weeks) in your business when you are running an ongoing program. 
The question submitted from a client was, “How can I take planned longer breaks during the delivery of my program?”. You’ll hear my answer in this episode!
I love this topic because I truly think all business owners should be planning for rest and time off in their schedules from the beginning - and baking this into your delivery, marketing, and strategy from day 1 is going to make it so much easier.
This episode is all about how you communicate those breaks and time off to your clients in a way that serves and supports them as much as it does you!
In this episode:
  • How to plan to take breaks during your program delivery from the beginning
  • The messaging and positioning of taking rest time while delivering a long-term program
  • How to communicate your planned breaks to potential clients and current clients
  • How mindset plays a role in taking time off throughout the year while you have a rolling program
  • Examples of how I communicate expectations around my Q&A private podcast (just for my clients) 

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