2024 Predictions

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In this episode, I’m sharing my predictions for what’s in and out in 2024 in the online business landscape. From product trends to marketing and messaging, I’m sharing what I see shifting this year and where I think our little corner of the internet is headed. 

In this episode:

  • The rise of solopreneurship and tiny teams replacing the desire to “scale”
  • Why I hope we can all finally move on from the misnomer “passive income” and focus on building real, balanced businesses instead
  • The growing interest in asynchronous business systems
  • Digital products are having a moment - and why this is a good and bad thing
  • My thoughts on aspirational vs. relatable content in 2024
  • The one format that I think has potential to disrupt webinars as a go-to strategy
  • Why is everyone so freaking nostalgic for their 2015 business era? I have thoughts!

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